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Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

My humblest apologies for not having a new video on the week of June 16th. It was more of a challenge than expected, and rather release something I wasn't happy...

Tucker’s School Project

A very smart six-year old boy made his own TV from a box for a school project. His topic: Watching Slim Potatohead! There’s a Monarch butterfly at the top left,...

Slim Potatohead in the Sun

A viewer named Debbie sent this to me. It was inspired by my choice of cushions while upgrading my Outback trailer. Here's what she wrote: "Where might Slim and the...

When Running is Standing Still

Although currently not traveling, I'm not stopping to catch my breath either. So many things to work on at the same time like videos, new trailer prep and renovations, taxes,...

First Blog!

Despite a lot of challenges the last few weeks, I'm happy to say all is well! My major setback was not being able to "Live Stream" in the City of...

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